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From Dreamers to Doers


“ShiftUp Africa is out there to help shape the lives of people, just as the way it has shaped my life. I am grateful to Ibijoke Oyewole for creating this platform”

Olamide T. OMOREGHA 
Founder OBconsult


The ShiftUp was the right push I needed to move up in my life and career. My life has had a positive turnaround since then and I'm grateful for the ShiftUp

Oke-Etume Ewomazino 
Social Media Manager


This platform has helped me in shaping my career and improved my decision-making. This will help young and aspiring talent out there find their path    

James Taighobe 
Product Designer (UI/UX)

  • MODULE 1 - Know Thy Why
    Uncover Your Why - Unlocking the Path to Success Embark on a transformative journey where you'll envision the life you've always dreamed of. Our "Begin with the End in Mind" module guides you through a powerful process of visualizing your future and clarifying your purpose, setting you on a path to success.
  • MODULE 2 - Know Thy Self
    Discover Your True Self - Embrace Your Unique Identity Unleash your true potential by delving into your unique makeup. Our "Self Identity" module celebrates the special qualities that make you who you are. Gain a profound understanding of your strengths and talents, empowering you to bring your best self to the world of work.
  • MODULE 3 - Know Thy God
    Harness the God Advantage - Unlocking Divine Guidance Uncover the incredible advantages of forging a meaningful relationship with God. Our "The God Advantage" module explores the profound impact of spiritual alignment on your career journey. Discover how this understanding can elevate your professional life to new heights.
  • MODULE 4 - Know Thy State
    Master Your Mindset - Ignite Your Career Success Empower yourself with a resilient and growth-oriented mindset. Our "Empowered Mindset for Career Success" module guides you to identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs that might hinder your progress. Rewrite the script of your mind, paving the way for unprecedented achievements in your career.
  • MODULE 5 - Know Thy World
    Navigate the World of Possibilities - Exploring Career Options Embark on a captivating exploration of the vast career landscape. Our "Career Options Exploration" module equips you with the tools to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the job market. Uncover exciting career paths, evaluate their earning potential, and uncover where to find these opportunities.
  • MODULE 6 - Know Thy Angels
    Unlock the Power of Connections - Networking for Success Realize the true strength of your network. Our "The Power of Networking" module emphasizes the value of building meaningful relationships. Learn effective networking practices that will propel your career journey forward. As the saying goes, "On your own you can go fast, with others you can go far."
  • MODULE 7 - Know Thy Plan
    Craft Your Path to Success - Create Your Personal Plan Design a roadmap for your professional journey. In our "Create a Plan" module, we map out a one-year development plan tailored to your unique goals. Harness the insights gained from previous modules as you curate actionable steps that will lead you to your desired job role.
  • MODULE 8 - Make It Happen
    Taking Action for Career Triumph Equip yourself with an action-oriented approach and a system that breeds consistent success. Our "Make It Happen" module empowers you to consistently achieve desired results in your career. Unleash your full potential and turn your dreams into reality with unwavering determination and execution.

Reserve a Seat for a Friend

By reserving a seat for a friend at this transformative program, you're not only opening doors for empowering African youth, but you're also giving them a lifelong experience for which they will be forever thankful to you.

Reserve a seat now and don't hesitate!

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